Open days

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During 2 days (from 10:30 to 19:00), we welcome you to the estate, the opportunity to (re) discover the places: the cellar, the vines and the tuffeau cellar.

You will be able to taste the red and rosé wines currently available but also to discover in preview the 2015, vintage promising ... and why not a return on some vintage vintages that marked their passage.

There will also be the dry whites and bubbles of Nadia Raimbault, vine grower in Vouvray.

Delicious digging will accompany the wines with some specialties from Tours such as the rillette of Tours, the rillons and the goat of Ste Maure of the Echerseau family in St Epain, available for sale on site.

You can also buy the honey from Jean-Louis Tulasne, beekeeper at Continvoir.

A reading and drawing area will be provided for the children.